Attractions in and near the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunrise/Sunset
You do not want to miss the sun rising and setting when you visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Each time it is a spectacular event. Some folks that stay more than one day attend these beautiful displays of nature multiple times. Different points around the rim of the canyon exhibit the light in diverse ways. In some places, you may find a park ranger giving a talk as the sun sets. 

Helicopter/Plane Tours
Visitors to the Grand Canyon may choose to view the majesty of the canyon from the air. There are a number of plane and helicopter packages available. Those who choose the ‘copter get to enjoy the details of the canyon when the helicopter hovers low.

If you have the time, consider a trip to the bottom of the canyon. You can go all or part of the way down and come back the same day. Camping is allowed on the bottom of the canyon if you have a permit. Try the mule trail rides. There are several packages for the trip; some leave from the South Rim and others from the North Rim. 

Indian Culture
For those who are building their vacation around the Grand Canyon, you should check out some of the other attractions in the area. The Hopi Indian Mesas are nearby and are worth the trip. You will see their famous Kachina dolls carved from cottonwood branches. The dolls represent the spirits of their deities. Additionally, they have beautifully handcrafted baskets and silver plated jewelry. Visit the Hopi Cultural Center for information about these Native Americans. The Navajo National Monument is also located near the Grand Canyon. There you have the option of walking around on your own or having a ranger led tour. 

Route 66 Attractions
If you are looking for some kicks, check out the Flagstaff section of Route 66. Spelunkers will enjoy the Grand Canyon Caverns. The caverns are over 200 feet below the ground. Air from the Grand Canyon blows through the caverns. Another Route 66 attraction is the famous Delgadillo’s Snow Cap. This business has been feeding travelers burgers and ice cream for over half a century. Also near Flagstaff is the Petrified Forest National Park. The Forest itself is a fascinating historical place filled with subtle beauty. The Painted Desert and the Rainbow Forest are two of the interesting sites within the Forest.