Grand Canyon National Park Shopping

Grand Canyon Marketplace
Parched from the desert heat? Need to get out from under the sun? The Grand Canyon Marketplace offers travelers a wide selection of refreshments and camping supplies and it is a much-needed place to cool off before continuing their tour of the canyon. The general store at the market plaza in Canyon National Park offers a full grocery and retail store. Camping gear from tents to cooking supplies are available.

Grand Canyon South Rim Gift Shop
If you're going through the South Rim of the Canyon, don't forget to stop at the official Grand Canyon South Rim Gift Shop for some novelty items you can't get anywhere else. The store offers everything from exclusive T-shirts and books to unique refreshments like desert tea. The shop is also known for its wide selection of Native American craft items and jewelry. Children's books and available to keep your young ones entertained.

Bright Angel Lodge
If your Canyon tour makes it through the free Bright Angel shuttle stop and you're planning on doing a little hiking, take some time to explore the gift shop inside the Bright Angel Lodge. The store is located in an area where many of the mule and hiking tours begin and you'll find many items for sale that will be crucial to your adventure. Hiking sticks, backpacks and water bottles are just some of the items featured. Don't forget to pick up some camera supplies to catalog the memories you're sure to make out on the trail. Exclusive to this gift shop is the "History Room" where you'll find literature and videos about the history of the canyon that you won't find anywhere else.

El Tolvar Hotel
If you happen to be in the neighborhood of the El Tolvar Hotel, be sure to stop at the hotel's unique shop before you continue your journey. The shop focuses on Southwest apparel that will have you looking the part as you hike or walk through the famous canyon. Many of the shirts are environmentally friendly and made from organic cotton. 

Hopi House
The Hopi House gallery, located on the second floor of Hopi House, features stunning Native American artwork for your perusal and purchase. The Navajo, Hopi and Santa Clara tribes are just some of the featured exhibits. The gallery has everything from paintings to sculptures, statues, and beautiful throw rugs for you to take home. A pawn jewelry area will let you take home authentic Native American trinkets.