Grand Canyon Music Festival
An annual event at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim allows visitors to enjoy classical music in a setting of natural wonder. The Grand Canyon Music Festival presents a series of nine concerts, featuring chamber music, spread out over several weeks. The concerts take place at the Shrine of the Ages at the South Rim. They begin in the evening, and children over the age of six are welcome to attend. A free concert for families is also put on in the city of Tusayan.

Grand Canyon Star Party
Every summer the Grand Canyon is host to a multi-day star party. Since the Canyon boasts some of the darkest skies in the country, it offers a superb viewing experience. Events take place at both the North and South Rims, during the day and the night. Amateur astronomers share tips with novice stargazers and telescopes are set up for prime views of stars, planets and galaxies.

Grand Canyon Celebration of Art
The Grand Canyon holds a special allure for artists. Each year, a contest at the South Rim attracts professional landscapists from across the country; they spend a week painting the Canyon from different perspectives. Visitors can watch them work in the open air and have the opportunity to bid on completed pieces at a fundraiser auction. An exhibit displays the pieces in Kolb Studio, which is set along the Rim Trail.

Native American Heritage Days
The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is the setting for Native American Heritage Days. Eleven Native American tribes have a history with the Grand Canyon; these tribes are all recognized at this event. Lectures, classes, demonstrations, and guided tours are among some of the special programs that occur during the festival. Many of the activities are enjoyable for children, particularly the native dance performances.

Interdenominational Sunrise Service
Up to two thousand visitors wake up early on Easter Sunday to attend the annual Sunrise Service. The service takes place on Mather Point. No particular denomination is specified, and everybody is welcome. It can be very cold, and snow is not unusual; warm attire is advised. There is no parking at Mather Point, but a shuttle is available for those who do not want to complete the ten-minute walk from a nearby parking lot.

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