Getting around Grand Canyon National Park

Several transportation options are available in and around Grand Canyon National Park. The National Park Service operates an extensive complimentary shuttle service around the park. Visitors should note that this shuttle system only operates on the South Rim. Visitors are not required to obtain tickets. Bus stops for the shuttle system are marked clearly throughout the park. Several routes are available on the bus system, including the Hermit Rest Route, the Village Route, and the Kaibab Trail Route. Travelers can board the buses at any of the marked bus stops. There is also a shuttle service offered from Tusayan into the Grand Canyon National Park during the summer months. For travelers who wish to visit both the North Rim and the South Rim, the Trans-Canyon Shuttle operates between both rims once daily. Travel time is about 4 ½ hours each way. 

The Grand Canyon railway provides a traditional steam train service between Williams, Arizona, and Grand Canyon Village. Bus service is also available for travelers who are only interested in a one-way trip to the park on the vintage train. Travelers will have three hours for visiting the Canyon Village section of the park before the train departs the South Rim and returns to Williams. 

Taxi service is also available from Xanterra Transportation Company between the Grand Canyon Airport and various hotels and businesses in Tusayan, Arizona, and Grand Canyon Village. 

CASSI Tours also provides a shuttle service between the town of Tusayan and the South Rim. This is a fee-based service. The shuttle departs the Grand Canyon Airport on the half-hour every hour and then makes stops in Tusayan as well as several stops on the South Rim.

For travelers who are looking for a more adventurous mode of transportation and the opportunity to view the canyon more closely, mule tours are also available. Two-day camping trips and one-day trips are available. Overnight travelers will spend the day at Phantom Ranch. One-day trips involve making a stop at Plateau Point located on the Bright Angel Trail. All rides must meet maximum weight and minimum height requirements. 

Bike rentals are also available in both Flagstaff, Arizona, and Kanab, Utah. Flagstaff is nearest the South Rim, while Kanab is nearest the North Rim. Travelers should keep in mind that bikes are only allowed on the park trails if they are carried. No riding is allowed on the park trails. 

Helicopter and airplane tours provide another popular transportation option and way to see the Grand Canyon. Tours are available in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. In addition, excursions are offered at Tusayan Airport.